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5765, Rosh Hashannah, Firestone

Rosh HaShanah 5765

16 September 2004 / 1 Tishrei 5765

Simon Firestone

Rosh HaShannah is the easiest holiday as far as the body is concerned. All the others have some kind of physical torment associated with them. We fast on Yom Kippur, get upset stomachs from Matzah on Pesach, stay up late on Shavuot, or move the dining room outside on Sukkot. On R'H we do some extra prayers and hear the shofar. Oh yeah and eat honey. It's a piece of cake!

Mi Sheberach for Reuven and Kalanit Kohn

 Mi Sheberach for Reuven Kohn 

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Remembering Leonid Plotkin

Remembering Leonid Plotkin

by Mina Gobler

Steven Tobias introduced me to Leonid at Selichot services in September of 2003, several weeks after my husband and I had moved from Philadelphia. We became friends, though, sitting near one another at Shabbat services at the JCC. At some point, I began to drive Leonid home and so began a series of on-going conversations.

Parashat Vayishlach, 5768, Rabbi Dan Kohn

Parasha Vayishlach
Delivered on November 24, 2007
Rabbi Daniel Kohn

Genesis 32:4 - 36:43

Response to Pope John Paul II

The following statement was presented to the Congregation by Rabbi Kelman on Adar II, 5760 (March 18, 2000) VaYikra.  It is a statement in response to the Roman Catholic church's wide sweeping apology for past transgressions against Jews (and others) and statement that our covenant with God is irrevocable.

Parashat Mishpatim, 5769, Rabbi Shalom Bochner

Rabbi Shalom Bochner
Parashat Mishpatim, 5769
Feb. 21, 2009

Exodus 21:1 - 24:18

"Vi eleh HaMishpatim asher tasim leifneihem"
"And these are the civil judgments that you are to set before them."

Parashat Devarim (Shabbat Hazon), 5766, Kazia Romain-Berman

Parashat Devarim (Shabbat Hazon)
July 29, 2006 / 4 Av 5766
Kazia Romain-Berman

Deuteronomy 1:1 - 3:22

[Sing the tune to Hannukah blessings and Happy Birthday]

Shabbat Shalom.

Isn’t it interesting that a simple tune, like Happy Birthday or the tune to the Hanukkah blessings, can make you think of so many different things? Memories, moments, faces, latkes…there are so many little songs that can conjure up so many different feelings. Music can do that.

Parashat Mishpatim (Shabbat Shekalim), 5766, David Stein

Parashat Mishpatim (Shabbat Shekalim)

February 25, 2006 / 27 Shevat 5766

David Stein

Exodus 21:1 - 24:18

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