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Parashat BeHaalotekha, 5764, Elisabeth Kashner

Parashat BeHaalotekha
Numbers 8:1 - 12:16
Delivered on 5 June 2004 / 16 Sivan 5764
Elisabeth Kashner

In today's Parsha, we find many events: a second Pesach, the beginning of the Israelites' Journey into the wilderness, and even a fire sent as vengeance to those who complained against G-d. But to me, a Shabbat B'yachad parent, the most interesting is an episode dealing with whining. Of course everyone has to deal with whining sometimes, not just parents. But it is a fitting topic for SBY day.

Parashat Tazria-Metzora, 5764, Art Reingold


Parashat Tazria-Metzora

Leviticus 12:1 - 15:33

24 April 2004 / 3 Iyyar 5764

Art Reingold, M.D., M.P.H., UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Shabbat shalom.

Sukkot, 5764, Simon Firestone

Sukkot Drash

Oct 11, 2003 - 5764

Simon Firestone

When I lived back in Manhattan, huge salad bars were trendy. You could have sushi, brisket, and mango for lunch. Sukkot is a similarly odd hodgepodge. We live in huts. We shake special plants. It's the also the beginning of the rainy season. I'm going to try to tie these things together.

Yom Kippur, 5764, Art Braufman

Yom Kippur 5764

October 6, 2003

Art Braufman

(Asher Ben Feshel v'Pesah HaKohen)

Gut yontov,

"Al Chet shechatanu lifanecha; for the sin which we have sinned before you . . ." Those familiar words begin the second section of the vidui, the confession, which if we include Mincha on erev Yom Kippur, we recite a total of 9 times during this day. Nine times! What does reciting this long litany of sins really mean to each of us? And especially what does it mean by the fourth, or fifth time, let alone the ninth time.

Rosh Hashanah, 5764, Dean Kertesz

Rosh Hashanah, 5764

Dean Kertesz

Here we are once again, together on this day Yom Hadin - the day of judgement, the birthday of the world and the birthday of Adam. Each year I ask myself, why am I here? There are as many different reasons as there are people sitting here. As we all know, today and on Kol Nidre there are more Jews in synagogue than any other day of they year. No matter how tenuous our connection to Judaism or to a Jewish religious practice may be, on this day we come; on this day many of us feel compelled to come.

Rosh Hashanah, 5764, Catherine Shadd

Rosh Hashanah 5764

Catherine Shadd


Parashat Shoftim, 5765, Chauncey and Shirah Bell

Parashat Shoftim
September 10, 2005 / 6 Elul 5765
by Chauncey Bell, delivered by Shirah Bell

Deuteronomy 16:18 - 21:9

Parashat Chayei Sara, 5765, Art Braufman

Parashat Chayei Sara

Genesis 23:1-25:18

Delivered on 6 November 2004 / 22 Heshvan 5765

Art Braufman

Genesis 23.1-25.18

Shabbat Shalom.

Parashat Bereshit, 5765, Josh Gressel

Parashat Bereshit Genesis 1:1-6:8

Delivered 9 October 2004 / 24 Tishrei 5765

Josh Gressel

Genesis 1:1-6:8

Shabbat Shalom.

My day job is as a psychologist, and my passion is marriage counseling. I want to talk about marriage and sacred commitment through the lens of today's parashah.

Yom Kippur, 5765, Diane Bernbaum

Yom Kippur

September 25, 2004 / 10 Tishrei 5765

Diane Bernbaum


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