Audio Guide to Davening

A note from Cantor Pamela Sawyer

These sound files were prepared for the Amitim class to help them to prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I hope they will be useful to any others who wish to participate fully in services, as sh'liach tzibbur, or simply to make the service more accessible. The words and melodies here reflect the custom at Congregation Netivot Shalom, which may differ in some ways from the practice at other synagogues.

Note that these files are intended for learning, and hence the chanting is deliberately slow.

Cantor Pamela Sawyer

The sound files are also available on a two-disk CD for a small charge from the Netivot Shalom office.

Shabbat Morning service

  1. Pesukei De Zimra
  2. Shacharit
  3. Torah Service
  4. Torah Brachot
  5. HaftarahBrachot
  6. Haftarah Trope
  7. Torah Trope
  8. Musaf

Kiddush and Grace after Meals

  1. Kiddush
  2. Birkat HaMazon


  1. Havdalah